Science Fiction Thriller


Clutter and the Second Law of Thermodynamics by Sherry Allred

The Other Side of a Glock

Corvette: The Courage of a Cowboy

Grave Robbers: Guardian of the Graves by Sherry Allred

Detective Adventure & Thriller


NEW RELEASE science fiction thriller

Clarence Moon

Grave Robbers: Guardian of the Graves


Andragathia by Sherry Allred

Inspiring and exhilarating! A book that lingers in your heart!

Corvette's ride in life takes many turns as he and his family and friends experience the sweet taste of success as well as the bitter pains of tragedy, and the term "Cowboy Up" is challenged to the fullest extent. Driven by life and graced with compassion, Corvette and his cowboy clan discover how substantial "courage" is in getting through the hard bucks of life, and learning what it means to be a true cowboy.


Paranormal Suspense

Clutter & The Second Law of Thermodynamics

How to Organize and Declutter

Contemporary Romance


Deliciously wholesome Romance! Maggie meets the prince every girl dreams about!

​Mistaken for a princess, and caught in the middle of a conspiracy in an exotic country, Maggie finds herself actually living the palatial life, wondering if it is all a dream. But soon she discovers that it is real, and along with reality comes some of the most difficult challenges she will ever face.


Clarence Moon by Sherry Allred
The Other Side of a Glock by Sherry Allred

​​​​​Having the power to open the door for second chances, within the threshold where heaven and earth meet.

Thrillers & SUSPENSE

Engaging! Leaving you on the edge of your seat!

Finding themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and victims of venomous repercussions, Case and Dayne, two self-proclaimed mystery solvers find their lives drastically changed. Caught in a web of no return, the daring duo discover they must partner up to prevent a world-wide alien invasion.


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Corvette: The Courage of a Cowboy by Sherry Allred

Biography: Adventure and Suspense

Delightfully humorous and thrilling! A Witty criminal detective you will fall in love with! 

​Experience the magic of the Moon as you discover "murder" tattooed upon the arms of criminals. Live the exhilarating adventure in this first series of delicious mysteries. 


Riveting! True and inspiring stories of a retired police officer.

A retired police officer experiences the frightening events that his career ultimately calls for, even engaging twice with two criminals in two separate shoot-outs. This compelling book shares Officer Jim Flygare's insightful perspective of his daily work experiences, good and bad, and illustrates how the influences of the media affects the public's views of law-enforcement officers.


Thrilling Adventure

Predaceous by Sherry Allred An engaging novel that leaves you on the edge of your seat!

Unpredictable! A thrilling suspense, with twists!​

Derek Hammond thinks he's just an ordinary kid on the high school basketball team, until he discovers a power he has to fight evil. He soon finds himself battling against the darkest of rivals in heaven and on earth. One of the best thrilling novels!


A simple scientific approach to organizing your home, your office, your life!

​Learn how to overcome depression and anxiety and how to work with the forces of nature, rather than against it, to create energy and order in your home.