I loved it!! I just could not put it down and read it from cover to cover!! It was not only an intriguing story with a great suspense (I could not predict where it was going!!) but the characters are so captivating and witty and the thoughts behind the plot sound at times so true that it was just a fantastic read! Ok, there is a frustrating part...I don't know when Grave Robber 2 is coming out...! 

I enjoyed Grave Robbers in general, but especially the way you portrayed Jax. I guess I've always envisioned...angels as these foreboding, impersonal beings. Whether they really are or not, I don't know, but it was refreshing to have a guide that was a true, relatable friend. Thank you.

A very interesting book about second chances and how we can impact people's lives while living here in Earth. This was a quick read that I finished in right around 24 hours. It had a bit of a slow start at first, but once I was a couple chapters in I was hooked.

The story was quite interesting, and written in such a way to keep the drama rolling. And I appreciated that the story finished as a stand alone, yet clearly could (and is to) be used as a series. And I found the entire premise interesting enough to want to read the next in the series . . . good characters and interesting plot.

I really enjoyed the story line of a teen-aged boy (Derek Hammond) who accidentally discovers that he has the power to enter the past and to perhaps change the future of those who have died. While the book directed towards a Young Adult audience, it will retain the interest of more mature readers. The novel is fast paced and the characters are interesting although perhaps in need of further developing which will hopefully come in future sequels. The novel touches upon many issues which are relevant to younger readers including themes relating to bullying, friendship, first love, broken families and most importantly to moral and ethical dilemmas which all of us face from time to time. While there are strong religious themes throughout the book, I did not feel that they dominated the book. At the end of the day I would recommend this book and will look forward to future works in the series and how the characters develop. I am particularly interested in the character of Sydnee (girlfriend of Derek) who seems to have disappeared in the latter portions of this book. Also hopeful that we learn more about Guardian Angel Jax.


Full Book Review by:  Online Book Club
 Rating: 4/4​​

Good versus evil. That epic battle for all times is a common theme in literature. So the question you may ask yourself is, "Is there anything new under the sun?" In answer to that, let me tell you about a book I just finished reading called Grave Robbers.

Derek Hammond is a normal seventeen year old boy. His Uncle Lyle has just passed away, and his mother drags him to the funeral (although he'd rather be back in Utah at basketball practice.) Something odd happens to him at the funeral, though. It's a rainy, wet day, and Derek slips on the grass. More embarrassed than hurt, he starts to get up and inadvertently touches a grave stone. He immediately blacks out and is transported back in time. There he watches a young girl named Molly Whipple get hit by a car after roller skating into the street. When he wakes up, he finds himself back in his own time laying on top of a grave for Molly Whipple whose death dates are 1946-1955. 

Derek eventually realizes that he's been given a gift. He is able to go back in time to see the death of the person whose grave he touches. He starts to wonder if there is more to it, though. Could he actually be able to stop that person from dying?

Grave Robbers is a young adult book that I would classify as supernatural fiction. It is written in third person perspective following Derek. It's a fast-paced story with plenty of action. The violence is handled delicately with little gore and no language making this book suitable for the teenage years. 

I enjoyed the characterization in the novel. Derek is not perfect and has typical teenage struggles and the occasional tiff with his mother. This makes him more realistic. The secondary characters, like Derek's best friend Eddie, are also life-like. There is one scene in particular where we are really able to see into Eddie's daily life. The characters helped me to become invested in the story . . . [when] Derek [tells] his mother about his new gift. His mother was not overly receptive, but she did agree to take him to a cemetery to see him in action.

The overarching theme of the book is good versus evil, but there are themes that are significant for everyday life as well. For example, the author addresses bullying, depression and being aware of the struggle of others. One of the things that this book made me realize was that we have a duty to help those around us. We CAN make a difference. I thought that was pretty meaningful coming from a fictional story.

I immensely enjoyed this novel. There were a couple of chapters at the end for the next book in the series. I normally don't even bother reading those. This time? I couldn't help myself. I would very much enjoy reading Grave Robbers 2: The Battle of Angels as soon as it comes available! It is for these reasons that I rate Grave Robbers 4 out of 4 stars. I highly recommend this book to all who enjoy an action-packed, good versus evil, supernatural fiction with a message for everyday life.

​​Responses From Book Review by Online Book Club for Grave Robbers, one of the best suspense books this year!

Excellent review! I literally feel like you answered every question I would have prior to making a decision to read or not read this book! I really like the aspect of considering whether or not the past could be changed. It reminds me a little bit of It’s a Wonderful Life, but in a whole different context and perspective. I am definitely adding this to my reading list as I am looking forward to finding out what the authors perspective is and how she explores the possibilities of changing the past, and what the consequences might be for the future.
-Dancing Lady​

​Wow! I'm mind-blown just by reading your review! This book sounds awesome!

Wow the premise of the book already has me hooked and your description of the theme that the author tries to convey that we can make a difference is powerful. The fact that a young adult fiction novel is actually using the premise of seeing the death of a person as a special ability is intriguing as this a typically strong moral and ethical content. It is nice to know that the author did this theme and premise justice in this book and that this is just the first of a series of books to come.

The summary has captured my interest. I'll be reading this book. I'm sure, I'll enjoy the way you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the thorough review.

As a fan of the Odd Thomas, I find these kinds pf supernatural tales intriguing. Your review of Grave Robbers has certainly compelled me to read this book. Personally, I'm glad to hear the mother took her son's word for it and had him show her his new power. I appreciate reading about parents who support their children rather than doubt their sanity.

I love your review. This seems like a book I would definitely read.

Ooooh this sounds good! It sounds like a rather different concept from all the usual supernatural stuff which is currently on the popular agenda, which is something of a relief. Can live without the excess vampires these days. Would definitely like to read this.

Wow, Science and supernatural fiction all blended in one. A good book to keep the mind active.

The saying "you can't judge a book by its cover" is so true! This is a book I probably wouldn't have chose to read but the review on this book has me hooked! I definitely want to read this! 
Thank you!

Love original ideas like this! Really want to read this.

Absolutely great review and the book seems to be one I would definitely pick up. Paranormal action novels - even if YA in nature - are some of my favorites. And ghosts, and traveling back in time - these are all ingredients of a tasty book.

Ghosts and time travel. What's not to like? This looks like something up my alley. I'm definitely going to check this out. Thanks for this wonderful review.

The plot seem very engaging! I like addition of time travel in it. Good to relax in a mind engaging book. Thank you!

​I'll warn you, though. You might not want to stop [reading] once you start.

One of the best suspense books you will ever read!


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​​​Grave Robbers:  Guardian of the Graves

Grave Robbers

​Seventeen-year-old Derek Hammond never thought that attending a funeral would change his life. At least not in this way. Cemeteries were simply spooky, and the last thing he expected was to discover a powerful gift he never knew he had. Making the varsity basketball team and struggling to keep in good standings with his friends was hard enough, let alone keeping up his grades. Then suddenly Derek finds himself battling dark angels and robbing the grave of death. Life takes a hard turn as he learns how fragile life really is, fighting evil in a world of uncertainty and darkness.


​​​​​​Having the power to open the door for second chances, 

​within the threshold where heaven and earth meet.