science fiction, thriller, adventure, aliens, spiders

Investigating a plane crash as a reporter for Fox 13 News turns out to be more than Case Andrews bargains for. Not only does he unveil an alien invasion, but he becomes a little more extraordinary after being infected by the venom of this lethal intergalactic being. 

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How Predaceous Came to Be

            Predaceous is the product of a cliffhanger I wrote as a Halloween project in October 2017. I wanted to give a story as a gift to my readers as well as increase the traffic to my website, so I started writing this novel on October 2nd and completed it on October 31st, Halloween afternoon. Each morning by 6 am, I posted a chapter on my website that I had written the day before. After reading each post, my readers were left anxiously wondering what was going to happen next.

            The novel actually wasn’t named until I had written several posts (at the very first it was simply called Halloween Cliffhanger). It was a fun and exciting challenge that ultimately created a science fiction novel that my readers have found both thrilling and hard to put down.

            This was my first science fiction novel and I was able to produce it in one month because I devoted every day in October to writing it, except Sundays. Sometimes I stayed up until three or four in the morning to have it finished in time for the 6 am post. And on the final entry, in which I wrote fifty pages, I stayed up all night; only retiring to bed after celebrating Halloween with my family (I was awake for about 42 hours).

            It was a glorious adventure and I enjoyed it tremendously. My favorite part was to hear my reader’s send their nearly exasperated comments about how they couldn’t wait for the next chapter, some even asking if I could post more than a chapter a night. I loved my reader’s enjoying this book. Nothing is more satisfying to an author.

            During the following month, in November, I revised and reworked Predaceous. The ending had been rushed, so I felt it was necessary to take a little more time to define it.

            This edition is not the original cliffhanger that I posted on my website in October of 2017, it is much better. It hasn’t changed drastically. It stays very close to what it was before but makes more sense, has greater depth, and a more powerful ending (basically, I tightened all the bolts).

            All in all, I have now completed my seventh novel. I enjoy being unpredictable in my plots and diverse in the large variety of genres I write.

            Thank you for supporting me as an author by reading my books. It absolutely wouldn’t be any fun to write a novel if there was nobody to read it and enjoy it.