Maggie Sundell's life is about to change! 

Despite her tragic past, this seventeen-year old dreamer has always managed to rise above her drab, ordinary life, filling the hours with fantasies about castles and charming princes. Her ability to believe in her dreams, allows her to become completely enamored with the imaginations of her heart and filled with a hope for a perfect romance. Nevertheless, the practicality of her friends and godmother and the sharp pangs of past memories prevent her from escaping a world of pain . . . until the day she is kidnapped. Mistaken for a princess, and caught in the middle of a conspiracy in an exotic country, Maggie finds herself actually living the palatial life, wondering if it is all a dream. But soon she discovers that it is real, and along with reality comes some of the most difficult challenges she will ever face.

One of the best romance novels!