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Cowboy, Lyle Buhler, as the newest inductee in the 2020 Idaho Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Put your cowboy hat and your boots on--we're going for a bull ride! "Ladies and Gentlemen," the rodeo announcer began, "please turn your attention to chute number one: Corvette Sanders, from Payson, Utah, at only sixteen years old, is the youngest rider tonight, riding the rankest bull in the nation--Lucifer!"

Corvette eased down onto the severely thrashing bull and quickly slid his gloved hand in the handle of his leather plaited bull rope. There wasn't room for fear in bull riding, but Corvette couldn't slow his pounding heart. Exploding out of a chute on the back of a bull in a world of danger and excitement was nearly every cowboy's dream. It was everything Corvette had worked hard for. The sweat, the tears, the pain, and the sacrifice all became defining each time he took a bull wrap--especially on a bull named Lucifer. 

Corvette's ride in life takes many turns as he and his family and friends experience the sweet taste of success as well as the bitter pains of tragedy, and the term "Cowboy Up" is challenged to the fullest extent. Driven by life and graced with compassion, Corvette and his cowboy clan discover how substantial "courage" is in getting through the hard bucks of life, and learning what it means to be a true cowboy.

An intense rodeo novel delving into more than just bull riding. 

One of the most thrilling and heart-warming modern-day cowboy novels!