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The Other Side of a Glock

The other side of a Glock, glock, police officer, hero, wholesome books, shooting, police shooting, thriller,

Stopping abruptly and breathing hard, Jim stared back at the assailant, less than five feet away. Suddenly, he saw a black object appear over the man’s shoulder. Jim thought: Is that a gun? He hadn’t expected that. He had been running full speed behind the thief and hadn’t seen him pull out the Russian Makarov 9mm pistol from his belt. Jim started to back off when the man fired over his shoulder, his back still turned to the officer. Jim instinctively pulled his gun and shot back, engaging with the criminal. He hardly noticed the smell or even the taste of the gun powder as it permeated the air. He didn't feel the pain in his arm as the blast tore through the sleeve of his police jacket. He just focused on what he’d been trained to do: protect. The Other Side of a Glock recounts the true stories of retired police officer, Jim Flygare, illustrating the intrigue and peril that comes with the career, and giving a perspective from the other side of a Glock.

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