When I wrote Grave Robbers: Guardian of the Graves, I had a strong impression to address suicide. After a couple of days, arguing with the impression, feeling inadequate to do it right and wondering how exactly to do it...I finally and tearfully decided to follow through, pleading with the Lord to help me. I am sure He sent more guardian angels on the project (I felt like I already had a few assisting me), and I was greatly enlightened. In my novel, Grave Robbers, I dealt with the issue of suicide and I wrote about the power of guardian angels, God's love for us, the gift of free agency, and the power of friendship. I produced, with the help of angels, a powerful story. I have friends and family who have either attempted suicide or who have actually succeeded, and I am very sad that it has become an option for many in the depths of despair. If I can make a difference by writing how great the worth of every soul is and illustrate ways to overcome the troubles that come our way, then I will certainly do it. May your heart be filled with the love of God and know that he is truly there.